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Meet our artists

Discover the faces behind the artistry. Meet our skilled potters, the heart and soul of Crafty-Clayworks. Get to know the passionate minds that shape your exquisite ceramics with attention and care.

Elderly man with white beard holding up a handmade mug

John, age 68 (USA 🇺🇸 )

Meet John, our seasoned potter with a passion for storytelling through ceramics. He loves creating intricate designs on vintage-inspired pieces, drawing from his rich American heritage. John has been molding clay into art for over 40 years. His fun fact is that he can recite classic poems while throwing on the wheel.
Middleaged man sitting in front of throwing-wheel whilst shaping a clay bowl

Karl, age 48 (Denmark 🇩🇰 )

Karl, our Danish potter, infuses each piece with minimalist elegance. He adores the meditative process of hand-building, inspired by the serene landscapes of Denmark. Karl has crafted for over 20 years, and his fun fact is that he makes his own glazes using natural materials found in his garden.
Young woman with curly hair and green eyes smiling to the camera

Jennifer, age 27 (USA🇺🇸)

Meet Jennifer, our passionate ceramic artist hailing from the vibrant landscapes of America. With a deep love for nature, she intricately weaves its beauty into her creations. Jennifer has been molding clay into stunning pieces of art for over a decade. Her fun fact is that she finds inspiration for her designs during sunrise hikes in the serene American wilderness.
Young scandinavian woman shaping a clay cup on the throwing wheel

Maria, age 29 (Denmark 🇩🇰 )

Maria, the youngest member of our Danish team, breathes life into whimsical ceramic creatures. Her love for nature shines through her work, sculpting each piece with care and joy. Maria has been molding clay since childhood, and her fun fact is that she's secretly mastered the art of pottery puns.
Young smiling man leaning up against a big glazed ceramic vase

William, age 27 (USA 🇺🇸 )

William, the youngest member of our American team, brings a contemporary touch to classic forms. He enjoys experimenting with unique glazing techniques, always on the lookout for innovative ideas. William's journey with ceramics began in college, and his fun fact is that he once scared off a mountain lion whilst hiking with his girlfriend.
Japanese woman with glasses and in apron holding out a ceramic bowl

Yumi, age 34 (Japan 🇯🇵 )

Yumi, our Japanese potter, captures the essence of traditional Japanese aesthetics in her work. With 15 years of experience, Yumi finds serenity in "粘土の形を整える - shaping the clay", as she calls it. Her fun fact is that she practices calligraphy as a form of meditation before beginning each pottery session.
Young trendy Japanese man fiddling with a ceramic mug

Takeshi, age 30 (Japan 🇯🇵 )

Takeshi, our young and talented Japanese potter, specializes in creating stunning Raku-fired pieces. He draws inspiration from ancient Japanese art, infusing contemporary elements into his masterpieces. Takeshi has been honing his skills for 12 years, and his fun fact is that he plays soothing jazz music while throwing on the wheel.
Young spanish woman placing a big ceramic bowl onto a shelf full of ceramics

Martina, age 34 (Spain 🇪🇸 )

Martina, our Spanish potter, adds a burst of vibrant colors to her ceramic collection, reflecting the spirited culture of Spain. With 18 years of experience, she loves the tactile nature of hand-building unique pieces. Martina's fun fact is that she hosts a weekly ceramics workshop for children in her neighborhood.
Closeup of young european man concentrating whilst painting a small vase blue

Ben, age 31 (Germany 🇩🇪 )

Meet Ben, our skilled potter from Germany! With a passion for precision and functionality, he creates minimalist yet elegant ceramic pieces. Ben has been molding clay into art for over a decade, drawing inspiration from the rich artistic history of Germany. His fun fact is that he finds solace in the rhythmic sound of the pottery wheel, which he believes brings harmony to his creations.
Young cute Japanese woman in ceramic studio smiling whilst painting a large cup

Sakura, age 25 (Japan 🇯🇵 )

Sakura, the youngest member of our Japanese team, breathes life into delicate porcelain creations. Her designs are inspired by the beauty of cherry blossoms and the grace of Japanese tea ceremonies. Sakura has been sculpting since she was a teenager, and her fun fact is that she practices Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) to find inspiration for her ceramics.
Artistic photo of a man in ceramic studio shaping a small vase on a throwing wheel

David, age 36 (USA 🇺🇸 )

David, our American potter, weaves intricate patterns into his clay creations, inspired by the diverse culture of the United States. David has a decade of experience under his belt, and his fun fact is that he finds inspiration for new designs during his morning hikes.

Abigail, age 28 (USA🇺🇸)

Introducing Abigail, our dedicated ceramic artist rooted in the diverse tapestry of America. With a keen eye for modern aesthetics, she infuses minimalistic elegance into her unique designs, often drawing inspiration from traditional shapes. Abigail has been shaping clay into distinctive works of art for over a decade. Her fun fact is that she often finds her design inspiration during moonlit strolls under the starry skies.