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We love slow shipping

(After reading this we know you will too)

We prioritize the safety and quality of your cherished purchases. That´s why we have opted for slower shipping lines specialized in handling fragile cargo. This decision has significantly reduced the number of broken or flawed items upon arrival. Your patience is rewarded with impeccable craftsmanship and the assurance that your treasures are in safe hands. This has resulted in fewer complaints and happier customers. If you are happy, so are we!

Before slow shipping

Our products arrived within 2-5 days with the fastest shipping lines.

Before slow shipping

Around 10-15% of our products arrived either broken or with flaws.

After slow shipping

Our products arrive after 5-14 days with shipping-lines for fragile cargo.

After slow shipping

Almost all of our products arrive in 100% perfect condition.

We pack your package extra thick

Our team dedicates 1-2 days to pack each order with generous layers of thick insulation, providing unmatched protection during transit. Rest assured, your handmade goods will arrive in pristine condition, ready to bring joy to your home.

Thick insulation

We pack the items in bubble wrap to prevent damage

Cardboard boxes

The densely packed items are further secured within a protective cardboard box

Solid crates

The items are placed in solid crates before being shipped




The results speak for themselves

Our slower shipping approach speaks volumes, with nearly zero broken or flawed items arriving at your doorstep. Our customers are happier and more satisfied, enjoying their homes filled with stunning and intact pottery pieces.


Satisfied customers

Join over 25,000 satisfied customers and experience the beauty of our handmade pottery

Fewer flawed shipments monthly

We've achieved a significant reduction of 70 fewer flawed shipments per month with our improved shipping method


Damaged arrivals

After switching to shipping lines specialized in fragile cargo, our damaged arrivals have decreased to just 0.1%