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An elegant, modern ceramics shop interior filled with shelves of colorful contemporary pottery and ceramics, showcasing a variety of artistic styles under soft, warm lighting.

Exploring Modern Wonders: A Guide to Contemporary Ceramics Shops

Mar 08, 2024

Clemens de Jonge

Exploring Modern Wonders: A Guide to Contemporary Ceramics Shops

Encompassing both traditional practices and innovative approaches, the world of contemporary ceramics has flourished in recent years. Artisans and craftsmen have been pushing the boundaries of clay to create objects that transcend conventional functionality and form. This surge in creativity has given rise to a number of shops and boutiques worldwide, each housing unique pieces that reflect the evolving landscape of ceramic art. Here is a curated guide to some of the most notable contemporary ceramics shops that are fostering a deep appreciation for this age-old craft in modern times.

The New Craftsmen, London

Located in the heart of Mayfair, The New Craftsmen showcases a range of handmade ceramics crafted by British artisans. This shop is known for promoting craftsmanship that blends traditional techniques with a modern aesthetic. From delicate porcelain to robust earthenware, the pieces here communicate the rich heritage of UK ceramics while embodying contemporary design principles.

Kapka, Stockholm

Kapka's vibrant and playful designs stand out in the world of contemporary ceramics. Based in Stockholm, this shop brings together simplicity and utility in its products. Kapka's offerings range from tableware to decorative items, all characterized by bold colors and geometric patterns that capture the minimalist ethos of Scandinavian design.

Tortus, Copenhagen

Copenhagen's Tortus is about the preservation of traditional pottery techniques while embracing the versatility of modern designs. The master potter behind Tortus, Eric Landon, is renowned for his exquisitely crafted vessels that demonstrate a profound understanding of material and form. The shop is a testament to the beauty of handcrafted ceramics, with a focus on sustainability and timeless elegance.

Mud Australia, Sydney

Mud Australia offers a distinct take on contemporary ceramics with its porcelain pieces that merge hand-crafted textures with sleek finishes. The shop's aesthetic is understated yet impactful, providing a wide range of functional items that fit seamlessly into everyday life. Inspired by the natural landscapes of Australia, the color palettes are soothing and earthy, making each piece a tranquil addition to any space.

Tokkuri-Tei, Kyoto

In the historical city of Kyoto, Tokkuri-Tei stands as a beacon of contemporary ceramic art influenced by centuries-old Japanese traditions. This shop specializes in sake ware, showcasing an array of tokkuri (sake bottles) and ochoko (sake cups) that blend traditional motifs with modern sensibilities. Visiting Tokkuri-Tei offers a unique opportunity to explore how current artists reinterpret Japan's rich cultural heritage through clay.


The world of contemporary ceramics is vast and diverse, with shops around the globe offering insight into the innovative ways artists are engaging with this timeless medium. Whether it's through the lens of tradition or through the pursuit of cutting-edge design, these ceramics shops provide a window into the creative minds that are shaping the future of the craft. As demand for handmade and meaningful objects continues to grow, exploring these modern wonders becomes a journey into the heart of material culture and artistic expression.

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